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Ciclo do CO2Using wood or pellets for heating is an ecological option, zero impact on the balance of CO2 emissions. It is an economical option, compared to other energy options, able to create wealth locally and reduce the impact on the account balance of the country.
During growth, trees absorb CO2 from the atmosphere by converting the wood and releasing oxygen into the atmosphere. During this, firing process liberates exactly the same amount of CO2 that was stored during the growth phase of the tree. The amount of CO2 released in burning is equal to the amount of CO2 that these trees would free in the forest during their decomposition. So burning biomass in the form of firewood or pellets have a zero impact on the balance of CO2 in the atmosphere, thus contributing to the enhancement of forest, thereby not compromising future generations through the ecological footprint.


Heat your home with a biomass boiler allows to create a comfortable atmosphere and a good quality of healthy air. The energy of the resulting fire of wood burning also allows you to create a pleasant atmosphere in your home. Firewood or pellets equipments are an investment that amortizes within a few years due to the difference in operating costs compared to gas equipment, diesel or electricity. High efficiency, more heat with less fuel.
The equipment of TEK Biomasse ensure complete combustion with incomes up to 95%. With a smaller less fuel is obtained more heat minimizing the holding forest resources.
Biomass is the ideal fuel for heating either in the form of wood either in the form of pellets, is a source of endogenous energy, healthy for the economy, creates jobs locally.


Biomass in the form of pellets are the ideal fuel for customers who want economic and ecological heating systems ensuring high standards of comfort and convenience, for it is a fuel developed for fully automatic installations thanks to its storage facility.
The pellets are formed by generally cylindrical wood pine grains pressed approximately 6mm in diameter and 5 to 30mm in length.

The pellets are totally ecological, why is this time in the form of biomass more used. It may be supplied in 15 kg bags which facilitates transport and bulk storage.
Besides having a high caloric output, the sediment is extremely light, compact and easy to find. The same is used for home use, but also for industrial use: this is because it can be stored in large quantities in silos, guaranteeing a great autonomy. A useful tip: Keep the pellet away from sources of moisture to ensure better conservation.

The pellet has thermochemical and superior product characteristics in terms of quality and uniformity, compared to the wood and wood leftovers. These include: high energy content (5.0 kW / kg against 4.4 kW / kg wood), the lower water content (moisture content 8% compared to 50% of wood), more uniform and constant size . These qualities make it more easy handling and transportability, allowing longer storage periods, so that the product can be marketed economically in a larger radius distribution.

The calculation of the required thermal power for heating a certain space can be accomplished through a fairly straightforward, because on average, the calorific power required for properly insulated room is approximately 40 W / m3 *.

If we want to warm up a space with 100m3 we have:

40W x 100m3 / m3 = 4000 W or 4 kW.

To this need of an equipment main heating be 6.5 kW well enough.

*) Value depends on several factors, including climate zone (external temperatures) and the housing features including geometry, insulation etc ..

In the harshest regions, particularly areas and where the average daily temperature does not rise 5 ° C this design can go up to 70W / m2.

The main features of TEK Biomasse equipments:

  • High combustion efficiency and exchange, combustion stoichiometry, reduced unburned.
  • Automatic cleaning of the exchange and firing systems.
  • Ease of cleaning and maintenance.